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Custom Residential Upholstery

Mike Hamad Upholstery currently provides residential furniture owners, with the highest quality of interior and exterior furniture repair and upholstery renewal. From genuine leather upholstery to antique furniture repair, our team provides great work for any custom upholstery renovation and fabric repair project.

As a matter of fact, our company works in a RANGE of interior furniture upholstery. We have worked with bamboo, antique furniture upholstery, vintage furniture repair, leather furniture repair, re-webbing projects, new cushions and full restorations. In addition, we complete replacement and repairs of tired living room cushions and backrests. Furthermore, we only use the highest quality of materials and craft to make the upholstery repair project a success. Thus put your trust in us!

Mike Hamad Upholstery has championed the upholstery industry for over 20 years. Thereupon our experience is broad and our specialty is quality residential furniture repairs and upholstery. Likewise, we work on marine, automotive, and aviation restorations– you name it!

Mike Hamad Upholstery values good relationships with our team and with our clients. The company enjoys time at work restoring beautiful interiors and also providing restorative upholstery repairs and genuine leather upholstery. Hence, we want to “WOW” our clients! In the same fashion, Mike Hamad Upholstery has the highest standard of responsibility and trust. Trust us to help you with your project today.

Residential Upholstery
Farmhouse Dining Room Table Set - Furniture Repair
Woven Dining Chairs
Bamboo Loveseat - Furniture Repair
Dining Room Cushions
Custom Couch Reupholstery
Leather Office Chair - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Heart Shaped Armchair - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Dual Ottoman Set in Magenta - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Coffee Shop Lounge Loveseat
Restored Amish Rocking Chair
Leather French Seam
White Bar Stool
Dining Chair Cushion - Furniture Repair
Bamboo Sun Room Chairs
Velvet Armchair - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Floral Pattern Dining Chair - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Floral Pattern Ottoman - Furniture Repair
Chair and Matching Ottoman in white
Restored Lazyboy Recliner
Blue Loveseat
Antique Floral Dining Chair
Residential Upholstery
Reupholstered Leather Ottoman
Hickory Wood Upholstery
Woven Dining Chair Cushion - Furniture Repair
Restored Navy Armchair - Interior Furniture Upholstery
Floral Bench
French Seam Chairs
Dark Blue Antique Rocking Chair
Blue Loveseat
Webbed Wicker Chair
Red Heart Chair
Velvet armchair
Striped Dining Chair
Hickory Wood Upholstery
Hickory Wood Upholstery