1. Do you provide estimates?
    • Yes, we provide free estimates but we need to at least see a good picture of your project. Feel free to stop in with photos or email them in to us.
  2. Do you sell fabric?
    • Yes, we have a showroom with many material options to choose from. We source our fabrics from reputable companies such as Charlotte Fabrics, Greenhouse, Barrow, and Sunbrella Fabrics to name a few. We have worked with our suppliers for years and feel confident that we will have the best options for your project whatever it may be. We also provide information about durability, stain resistance, care and cleaning, etc. We are always happy to advise and educate our customers about this and to which materials are appropriate for a given job. Additionally, most of our companies offer a lifetime warranty.
  3. Do you sell foam?
    • Yes, we sell High Resiliency (HR) foam and have it in many different thicknesses and densities.
  4. Can I bring my own material?
    • Yes, however there will be a cutting charge of $25 assessed to each yard used.
  5. Do you offer pick-up and delivery?
    • Yes, we offer pick-up and delivery for a charge. Contact us with your address and the charge will be based off of distance and the amount of man power needed.
  6. Is my project worth re-upholstering?
    • Yes, in most cases it is worth putting money into re-upholstering. There are a lot of benefits to reupholstering verses buying new. Give us a call with your project and we’d be more than happy to discuss them with you.
  7. Why should I re-upholster, if it’s cheaper to buy something new?
    • Over the past decade, we have turned more and more into a disposable society. The current life span of most retail furniture averages about 5 years. Re-Upholstery can not only offer you a customized experience to get exactly what you want, but can offer you an increased life span of anywhere between 5 to 20 years!

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